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Chongqing Yu Kang Park Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd


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Chongqing Yu Kang Park Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd

Chongqing Yu Kang Park Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. was established in March 2014, is specialized in modern ecological agriculture comprehensive development of science and technology innovation enterprises.
The company invested in the development of "Yu Kang Park - organic farm" is located in the beautiful environment Beibei District Liu Yinzhen Ma Liu Village Group Fort five groups, the first phase of planning and development of more than 300 acres, the construction of fruit corn planting base, boutique cherry picking garden, Berry picking garden, high-quality citrus picking garden, facilities, fruit and vegetable picking garden and characteristics of livestock and poultry farming and other functions. The future of the farm will gradually form a set of R & D, demonstration, promotion, intensive processing, cold chain logistics, sales of integrated eco-organic agriculture recycling industry chain.
Faced with the opportunities and challenges of the development of modern agricultural industrialization, the company will vigorously implement the "talent engineering, marketing engineering, brand engineering" strategy, and quickly promote the company by leaps and bounds, striving for industry pioneer.
Yukang Park will be the modern ecological agriculture industrialization management of the scientific management system, sustained and long-term development of innovative models, will continue to strengthen the optimization of industrial structure, speed up the scale of expansion, reasonable scientific development of existing resources, and thus continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. We are convinced that the people in the community under the care of the confidence to Division I to create a national first-class modern ecological agriculture industry outstanding enterprises