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Jiangsu Yike Group


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Jiangsu Yike Group

Yike Group was established in October 2004, is one of China's leading and fastest growing large-scale agro-pastoral food group, is currently the world's second largest meat supply enterprises, the first three Chinese poultry supply enterprises. (Poultry, meat duck) farming and technical services, feed research and development and production, poultry slaughter and processing, conditioning products, cooked food business chain, feather processing (breed, breeder) farming and incubation , Agricultural networking, industry data and analysis, industry investment as one of the whole industry chain eco-agriculture and animal husbandry food enterprises. As of the end of 2015, the processing of nearly 500 million poultry, feed production capacity of 750,000 tons, with nearly 500 cooked food chain stores, the annual turnover of more than 10 billion yuan.
I am the Secretary for the supply of blood tofu Group, a set of production line, has been officially put into commercial operation.