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Chongqing snow red and green food Limited


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Chongqing snow red and green food Limited

Chongqing snow red green food Co., Ltd. has 20 years of development history, is a professional production of food products and spices business, the company adhere to advancing with the times, the development of innovation for China's large-scale catering enterprises to provide standardized production supporting products and distribution platform. Chongqing snow red green food Co., Ltd. located in China's beautiful mountain city of Chongqing Dadukou District, covers an area of 5,000 square meters, advanced facilities, beautiful environment, the company always adhere to the process is complicated but not human, material but not diminishing the principle of materials , Heavy talent, with good material, and Unilever, Merlin and other large companies to cooperate, while providing customers with qualified quality, price matching products. The company set up under the administrative, financial, procurement, production, quality inspection, sales of the six major departments, positions clear, responsible in place to ensure that consumers and agents at any time to provide the most efficient and efficient service.